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Wildfire Community Preparedness Day!
La Plata Wildfire Mitigation Fair
Sat, May 5, 12pm – 5pm
Forest Lakes Community Center

Contact your Ambassador or
your County Coordinator to
learn what is Happening
in your neighborhood!



Home Ignition Zone Workshop
Sat, April 21, 9am – 5pm
Upper Pine River
Fire Protection District
Administrative Offices
515 Sower Drive, Bayfield  (map)
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Resource Fair and
FireWise Fundraiser

April 28, 1:00pm - 9:00pm
Mancos Brewing Company
484 Hwy 160 E Frontage Rd, Mancos
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La Plata Wildfire Mitigation Fair
Sat, May 5, 12pm – 5pm
Forest Lakes Community Center
For details, contact La Plata
Coordinator: Charlie Landsman

Missionary Ridge Fire 2002Fire Mtigation work
Firewise Southwest Colorado at the Durango Farmer's Market

Volunteer Time Report

The hours that you as a FireWise Ambassador spend on FireWise activities is vital to the success of our program. This information helps us keep track of program outcomes, report out to our partners, and is used as an in-kind match on some of our grant applications. You can also use these hours as an in-kind match for grant applications for your neighborhood. Beginning in 2013, we are also tracking the hours of residents that perform FireWise activities. As a FireWise Ambassador, you can enter your neighbor's hours or show them how to enter their own time.

Your time can include, but is not limited to:

  • Time spent educating neighbors
  • Time spent traveling to and attending FireWise meetings, Orientation, and workshops
  • Time spent writing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)
  • Time spent presenting at an HOA/POA meeting
  • Time spent grant writing
  • Time spent coordinating mitigation projects (using grant money)
  • Time spent preparing mailings
  • Time spent walking your subdivision and discussing mitigation needs with any of our FireWise partners and/or neighbors
  • Time spent getting address signs
  • Time spent maintaining FireWise information on Web sites, blogs, and bulletin boards
  • Time spent researching – CWPPs, mitigation standards, etc.
  • Time spent updating contact info
  • Time YOU (not a contractor) spend mitigating your property

We can also receive credit for your mileage so be sure to track your miles spent driving to meetings, renting mitigation equipment, etc. Estimates are fine.

Your time does not need to be entered by the day. You can put in a start date and in the comments sections, write a note like January – March hours, or 2013 hours, or whatever the case may be.

Volunteer Time Report
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