The FireWise Mission

FireWise of Southwest Colorado inspires, motivates, educates and serves individuals, organizations and communities joining together to protect lives and property from wildfire.

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Neighborhood Ambassador Volunteer Commitment Form

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Neighborhood Ambassador Program

Because wildfires don’t stop at property lines!

The Neighborhood Ambassador Program is the backbone of our organization. Volunteer ambassadors lead by example and serve as catalysts within their neighborhoods, encouraging their neighbors to become more aware, active, and prepared for wildfires. Ambassadors receive training, support, ongoing education, access to wildfire information experts, and notice of grant opportunities to turn their high-wildfire risk neighborhoods into Fire Adapted Communities.

There are over 500 neighborhoods at moderate to high-risk for wildfires throughout southwest Colorado. FireWise of Southwest Colorado started recruiting Neighborhood Ambassadors in 2004, believing that neighbors talking with neighbors would be an effective strategy for initiating wildfire preparedness activities at a landscape scale. By the end of 2012, we had 126 Neighborhood Ambassadors representing 70 high-risk communities in Southwest Colorado. Most communities organize as a subdivision, but others have created self-defined communities based on access or landscape features. At the end of 2015, we had over 150 Neighborhood Ambassadors representing 80 high-risk neighborhoods.

If there is not a FireWise Ambassador in your wildfire-prone neighborhood, consider becoming one or help recruit a neighbor who can spearhead wildfire preparedness efforts in your area.


IS... IS NOT...

Motivated to prepare for wildfire in his/her neighborhood and committed to making their community more FireWise.

Required to be a firefighter, wildfire expert, or other wildfire or fuels mitigation professional. The program refers Ambassadors to expert advice, information, presentations, and technical assistance.

Ready to lead by example by creating a fire-dapted home.

Interested only in protecting his/her home from fire.

Willing to work with neighbors and try a variety of strategies to enhance wildfire readiness.

Going to change everyone's' minds overnight. It often takes patience, diligence and tact to overcome a wide range of homeowners' concerns about doing wildfire mitigation.

Able to develop and follow through on education, planning, or fire hazard reduction projects.

In this alone. Ambassadors receive ongoing training and support through FireWise.

In communication with any community boards and keeping them apprised of FireWise efforts


Anyone who is motivated to make their community a safer place can make a good FireWise Neighborhood Ambassador! Learn how to put your skills to work to educate your neighborhood, initiate wildfire preparedness planning, or carry out mitigation work. Sign Up Here! The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are immeasurable.

Roles and Responsibilities of being a FireWise Neighborhood Ambassador:

  • Attend a 2 1/2 hour Volunteer Orientation
  • Regularly attend bi-monthly FireWise Council Meetings or your Chapter’s Ambassador meetings
  • Determine a project(s) you can do to help your neighborhood increase their wildfire preparedness

Wondering How to Get Started?

  1. Read more about FireWise and the Neighborhood Ambassador Program
  2. Fill out a Volunteer Commitment Form and Waiver and send it in
  3. Call your Chapter Coordinator to see when the next Volunteer Orientation is scheduled
  4. Review this list of 50 Ideas for Action and get started.